torsdag, oktober 30, 2014

French Cheese & Louis Vuitton

The darker and colder it gets, drifting away in my mind, thinking of the day we arrived in Paris at least makes me a little warmer inside...A sunny evening, sittting outside sipping on a cool Kir Royal, munching salad with chunky pieces of cheese (just the way I like my cheese!) and watching chic Parisians pass by. Oh and then my heart skipping a beat of excitement walking into my very first Paris vintage shop. Still makes me smile thinking of this to die for sixities style Louis Vuitton vintage dress. I just had to go back there a second time before leaving JUST so I could lay me eyes on it one last time and lock that image into my mind forever!

Photography by: Annika Lagerqvist

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  1. Stylish!


  2. Love this post!


  3. I love that hat!


  4. Thank you Dylana! It's from Stradivarius :)